Libraries News Round-up: 21st October 2013

Alan Gibbons Diary : 16th October
Of websites and weasel words

Good Library Guide : 20th October
The English Public Library Service is Beyond Repair

This Is Devon : 21st October
Mobile libraries in Devon face cuts in money saving bid
“We have four (of eight in total) mobile vehicles approaching the end of their useful life, and if these proposals go ahead, it would mean that we no longer need them, reducing our costs considerably.”

Caerphilly Observer : 21st October
Caerphilly’s libraries continue to improve
Caerphilly County Borough’s libraries have met or exceeded two thirds of Welsh Government Public Library Standards for the second consecutive year.

Spalding Guardian : 20th October
Crowland Library – Letter was offensive and an insult
I am truly sorry for those who will lose their jobs, but it is, I believe a folly to carry on with something that is ultimately unsustainable in its present form.

Caerphilly library

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