Library News Round-up: 17th February, 2013

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 17th February
The Myth of the 21st Century Library – Part 2

THE OBSERVER : 17th February
It’s not what a library stocks, it’s what it shares

The first digital-only library in the US raises key questions about the broader purpose of a library

Brent & Kilburn Times : 14th February
Brent Council branded farcical over Willesden Green Library blunder

Harringay Online : 16th February
Imminent cuts to library services in Haringey
. Deletion of mobile and housebound library services
. Deletion of Schools Library Service

Swedish article will appear in Eng translation 
Learn from the UK library slaughter …


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